2021.09.10 FRI

■ Extension of Half Day School

September 10th, 2021

The State of Emergency with COVID has been extended until September 30th by the National government. With the extension, we decided to extend the Half Day Schedule until September.

With the decision, our schedule will change as follows.

(1)Half Day 

Monday, September 13 - 30th during SOE

(2)After School Care   until 17:00 

Since we currently limit the number of applicants, we accept students with only parents who are working.  

Please let us know in advance if you want to do it during SOE.

(3)Sports Day

> Saturday, October 9th   (CONFIRMED) rain or shine Since it got hard to rehearsal in the school grounds of the venue after the schedule changed with COVID, we decided to carry out in the gymnasium rain or shine.  

> It will be carried out by grade. One-time viewing. Up to 2 people are allowed to come and watch for each grade. (Siblings under 12yrs old may escort them.) 

> The details will be informed later.

> We inform you of the approximate time schedule as follows.  

08:30 Poppy & Freshman 

09:50 Middle class

11:30 Pre & Senior class

(4)Open class in October of Freshman, Middle & Pre-class are canceled.

We were going to have an open class for all grades but decided to have only one for senior class. Because all days in September will become half day and we would like to make students have as much calm time as possible to concentrate on class activities. 

Keeping a close watch on COVID, we will plan to have open class in another time within this school year. We’ll let you know when it happens. 

Only one for senior class will be held in October to perform the Marching Band. The details will be informed later. 


> Keep reporting the body temperature. Please keep your children at home if they don’t feel well, even though they have no fever. 

> Please make sure to let us know if our students or their family living together get tested of COVID positive. 

> Please follow the advice from your doctor if tested positive and get permission from the doctor before resuming school. 

> Please keep your children at home if even one person in your family has a fever. 

> Please keep your children at home for 24hours at least after fever removal. 

*When SOE is lifted, we will resume full day school. We will inform you of the latest schedule on Pastel apps. Please make sure to check each one for certain. Your cooperation will be greatly appreciated.

2021.04.21 WED

■ Change of Yearly Schedule

April 21, 2021

Since COVID-19 doesn’t decline yet, we decided to change the schedule of the Summer Camp for senior students. With the change, we are also going to change some school schedules around the event as follows. 

<Updated Schedule>

Wed. July 14

Full Day After school care available

Thu. July 15

Half Day After school care not available
Fri. July 16

Summer One Day Camp

Freshman & Middle class have no school. 

The details of Summer Day Camp will be informed in a letter later. 

We have been cancelling[Mikuni Dance Summer Festival]in the last two years. But we want our students to enjoy festival stalls, which are typical summer events, so we are planning to hold[Mikumi Festival]in school hours on Monday, July 19th. Although parents are not invited, you will see how your children enjoy it on[mikuni Tube]on our website. Don’t miss it!!

We may change school schedules again due to COVID-19. Please keep eyes on emails from us.

2021.02.04 THU

■ The latest school schedule after the State of Emergency got extended till March 7th

February 4th, 2021

The National Government declared the extension of the State of Emergency till March 7th. We are going to keep taking our school measures with the closest attention to prevent the infection. We appreciate your continued support of our school operation.  

1. About Mikuni's basic policy

As we’ve informed before, we are going to keep our school open and have our students have educational activities with the closest attention. 

2. Major event schedule

A)Senior class  Fun outing

Wed. February 17th  (spare day Feb. 24)

> The details will be informed later. 

B)Thank-you Party for Senior students

Thur. March 4th 

> No Parents participate. Only students and teachers do something special together. (Full Day School / It was half day) 

C)Graduation Ceremony

Mon. March 15

> The details will be informed later. 

D)Drill for picking up students in an emergency.

Wed. March 17 

> The details will be informed later.

E)School Orientation

□ for New freshman students for 2021

Wed. March 24

for New Middle and Senior Students for 2021    

Thur. March 25

> The details will be informed later. 

3. Thank you for your cooperation on the report of daily temperature. 

According to the statistics of the New Coronavirus by the National  Government, many of the people including students who tested positive, got family infection. So please keep your closest attention for prevention at home as well. If your children or any family members have fever, please let us know and keep your children home if necessary. 

4. A student teacher is coming. 

A student teacher who graduated from Mikuni will spend time with students between Feb. 9th and March 3. 

The teaching practice was settled in last autumn and is compulsory for her to get the license of preschool teacher. We are going to accept her with thoroughgoing prevention and will have herself pay closest attention as well. 

We are going to inform you as soon as we receive new or additional requests from the government. Please keep an eye on emails from school not to miss the latest information. Thank you for your cooperation as always.

2021.01.08 FRI

Mikuni Kindergarten’s measure for the New Coronavirus

January 8th, 2021

<Mikuni’s basic policy>

✢ We examine carefully the span and scope of the restriction, and follow the advice from the National and local government.

✢ To guarantee educational activities for students, we are going to open the school as scheduled with the following measures. 

    ⭑ Wearing mask

    ⭑ Washing hands and gargle

    ⭑ Disinfection of school buildings, buses and supplies.

    ⭑ Proper ventilation

✢ After school care  

    We accept students until 17:00. 

✢ Restriction for school events

① Art Festival  (It will be carried out on MONDAY, Feb 8th.) 

⭑ No Family Visit ( No parent’s help needed for the preparation) 

⭑ Art projects will be displayed by each grade. 

⭑ The video distribution of the preparation will be available on the website [Mikuni Tube]  (It will be available around Feb.1st.)

⭑ Change of the school calendar

          Feb. 4th :  Half Day, No After school care is available.  

                  5th Full Day (was half day.)

          Sat. Feb. 6th        No School

          Mon. Feb. 8th : Half Day (was no school.)

                                        Only students will enjoy the Art Festival.   

                                        The video distribution for the day will be available on the school website. 

② Thank you Party by senior class

The 1st meeting of the party committee on Jan. 15th has been canceled. 

We are currently reconsidering about the detail of the party and let you know our decision when it’s ready.

2021.01.07 THU

■ The measure of Mikuni Kindergarten when the stage of emergency is issued

January 7th, 2021

Thank you very much for your great support for the school as always. 

The National Government is going to issue the stage of emergency again soon to prevent the infection of the New Coronavirus. We understand all parents are worried about how our school will be operated when it is issued. So we are pleased to inform you the followings as the school measures as of now. (Please note that they may be changed depending on the efforts by the National Government.)

1. We will open the school tomorrow, Friday January 8th as scheduled while taking the following measures. (Half Day)
    Wearing mask
    Washing hands and gargle
    Disinfection of school buildings, buses and supplies
    Proper ventilation
2. Please make sure again to report the body temperature every morning by 7:30.
3. The updated school schedule in the future will be informed soon.

Please keep an eye on emails from school and get the latest information for certain.

2020.05.28 THU

Wearing a facemask at school

May 28th, 2020 

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation for wearing a facemask at school.


We are going to resume the school toward summer, hot season  in the year, so we are caring about the prevention of heatstroke and dehydration as well as the coronavirus. 

In addition to the prevention for the new coronavirus, (such as keep the social distance etc), we are also going to pay close attention about when and how students wear facemask in physical activities as Japan Sport Agency announces. 

 Our school will make students take facemask off at lunch time or when there is a risk of heat stroke or dehydration. Their mask will be kept in a certain bag for sure (see the photo below.) and will be worn again on their way home. 

Therefore, please attach a pouch (like the photo below) to the school bag and come to school.  

Our teachers and staffs will also put on and off facemask like students do.

About the pick-up when your children have a fever or get sick at school.

Our school has been asking that parents come to school and pick up their children when they get sick at school. Under the irregular situation with the new coronavirus, we are going to keep your children in a separate room like conference room or principal room while waiting for parents.

If necessary, we are going to contact you on the phone. So please make sure that you can be contacted anytime. 

Although there are many things we are asking you, your understanding and cooperation will be appreciated for us to conduct the safe educational activities.

2020.05.26 TUE

Resumption of the school on June 1st

May 26, 2020 

Hopefully you are all doing well.

Thank you very much for your understanding and support during the long school suspension. All the teachers and staff are so excited to resume the school and will try hard to make our school satisfying for students and parents. We appreciate your continuous support.

From Monday, June 1st, we are going to reopen the school separately by each grade and will ask you for some irregular requests to prevent the infection of COVID-19. Please read the followings carefully and follow the schedule.

Thank you for your understanding in advance. 

(1) Entrance Ceremony 2020 :  Monday, June 1st  /  Starts at 10:00 (See the detail)

(2) Schedule for Tuesday, June 2nd ~ Friday, July 3rd 

> Tue. 2nd - Fri. 5th will be half day.

> Pre-class will follow the regular schedule. Tue & Thu, Wed & Fri

June 1 - 5 Half Day / From Monday June 8th Full Day 

No All-Students Lunch.

Bring home lunch every day or school lunch order is available. 

Please have your children wear a facemask and take the body

temperature every day. (See the detail)

Please refrain from coming to the school if your children have a fever or

don’t feel well.

※ The new bus schedule for 2020 will be carried out from June 2nd.

※ On Monday July 6th, students will start to come to school all together. 

Please follow the above 2~4 continuously. 

(3)’After school care’ is available until 17:00.

※ If you want to use ‘After school care’, please contact us. We will advise you how to apply for it.

(4)Rough School Schedule June - September. (It’s subject to change.)

※ Please see the monthly schedule or school letter for the fixed schedule.

<1st term> 


17 Wed Potato Digging for Senior class


17 Fri Half Day

21 Tue Half Day

22 Wed Fun play in the river for Senior class

Annual over-night summer camp has been canceled.

(No school for freshman and middle) 

31 Fri The last day of the 1st term / Half Day


03 Mon - 7 Fri Aloha Week (Full Day. Only 7th is half day.)
10 Mon - 14 Fri Summer Holidays
17 Mon - 21 Fri Special Summer Day Care Week ( have to apply )

17 Mon Major school cleaning.
(Middle class parents are expected to come and help. )

19 Wed & 20 Thu Introduce-Mikuni Open School for toddlers. (Invite your friends to experience our school)

24 Mon Parents Meeting (Freshman 10:00~ / Middler 13:30 ~ )

<2nd term> 


25 Tue The first day of 2nd term / Half Day Parents Meeting (Senior 14:00 ~)


10 Sat Sports Day ( At a local Junior high school near Mikuni) 

(5)The major change of this year with the mesure for COVID-19

The following school activities have been canceled as of now. 

1. Monthly Birthday Party with parents

→ It will be held without parents each month. 

2. Senior class over-night summer camp

→ It will be a day outing with fun play in the river near Mikuni. 

3. Summer Dance Festival
4. Water play

We every year give students the award for full attendance but it has been also canceled this year. 


Even under the unprecedented situation with COVID-19, we are going to keep raising children with richness of spirit” as our educational aim and try hard to work on it taking the consideration to make physical strength as well.

Additionally, we are also going to care the prevention of heatstroke and dehydration in the upcoming season.

Although we are going to try our students to get back to the normal school life little by little with close attention after the long school suspension, your continuous support will be greatly appreciated. If you have any concerns, please feel free to share with us. 

《 Mikuni’s measure fore COVID-19 》

In order to keep our students, the parent and all the teachers and staffs safe, our school will keep avoiding the ‘three Cs’.

Three Cs
> Confined spaces (with poor ventilation)

> Crowded places (with many people nearby)

> Close contact (with people)

In order to keep the above three, all teachers and staffs will

1)will be wearing a facemask all the time when working. 

2)will frequently ventilate the school buses and buildings. 

3)will ventilate classrooms at least once an hour.

4)will sanitize the school buses and buildings every day.

5)will stop working if the body temperature is more than 99.5 °F. or we don’t feel well.

6)will try to keep our students avoid the three Cs all the time at school.

>We will keep less than 20 students in one classroom during the special schedule by each grade.

>We will place tables with some spaces and have students sit or stand considering the social distance in classroom and school yard.

We are very sorry for the inconvenience this may cause you and are going to do our best to prevent the infection of COVID-19 for our students to get back to the regular school life as soon as possible. 

■ Entrance Ceremony 2020

The Entrance Ceremony will be held as we informed before, but please note the participants should be in SUMMER UNIFORM.

● Date & Time 

Monday, June 1st 10:00(Reception starts at 9:20.)

● Place 

Mikuni Kindergarten

● Clothes 

Summer uniform

□ White polo-shirt,

□ Light blue pant for boys,

□ Pink skirt for girls,

□ White knee-high socks

□ Hat (for summer)

□ Name tag

● What to bring 

Weekly bag

□ Indoor shoes in bag

□ Towel

□ 2 dust cloths

□ Sport cap

□ Anti-disaster hood

□ Plastic mug for water paint (only senior and middle)

□ Slippers(for parents)

□ Plastic bag to put shoes

□ School supplies with name on. 

●Flow of the day

09:20 Reception starts

(※ Should be done by 9:45) 

1. Come to the reception.

2. Bring the weekly bag and school supplies to the classroom by yourself. A teacher will help you.

3. Go back to the school ground and wait for the start.

10:00 Ceremony starts

★ In order to avoid human density in the hall, ONLY ONE PARENT may attend. 

★Student and parent should wear a facemask.

★Please don’t attend the ceremony if your child or parent has fever more than99.5 °F. (Please let us know your absence through Pastel apps.) 

★Please go home as soon as the ceremony ends. Class orientation will be informed in a school letter.

★The area around the school will be crowded. Please try not to get on and off vehicle there. 

■ Please inform us daily body temperature 

This is important to make your child and other children keep safe.

Please inform us daily body temperature through Pastel before coming to school every day, or we can’t accept your child.(Your child will be even not allowed to get on school bus.)

Pastel page was newly designed and has included the space to write body temperature.

(Open the paste apps with google translation. Originally it’s not available in English.) 

How to do it.

(1) Go to the above Pastel page.

(2) Write the body temperature in the second square. 

eg. 96 . 5 度

(3) Press the green to enter.

(4) You don’t have to do anything in the first square.

(5) Please do it by 7:30am, or it won’t be accepted after 7:30.

<Trial on May 27th to 29th for 3 days.>

Please try it from 27th to 29th for the trial for certain to see if you can rightly do it. We’ll see if yours will be informed to us. 

2020.05.22 FRI

School Schedule after the state of emergency is lifted

May 22nd, 2020 

Hopefully you are all doing well during the long school suspension. 

We are now getting ready to resume the school on June 1st on the assumption that the state of emergency is lifted on May 31st. 

We understand you are worried when and how the school resumes. As we’ve informed before, we would like to inform you our school schedule as of now. Again, please understand the schedule will change depending on the measure of the national or local government.

Entrance Ceremony 2020 :  Monday, June 1st  /  Starts at 10:00

School starts separately by each grade from June 2nd until July 3rd. 

 > June 2nd - 5th          Half day

 > Pre-class will be done as scheduled (Tue & Thu) and  (Wed & Fri)

  After School Care   :  It will start on June 2nd and be available until 17:00.                         


During Summer Holidays, we are planning to open the school for about 2 weeks.

The details for all will be informed on Tuesday, May 26th.   

We are all hoping that the state of emergency will be lifted on May 31st and the school will be lively again as usual. 

Kyoko Takahashi


Mikuni kidergarten

2020.04.30 THU

School is closed on May 7th and 8th

April 30th, 2020 

We hope you are staying safe and positive even under the difficult time.

Although we had been preparing for resume of the school, we are almost certain that the state of emergency will be extended. Therefore we’ve decided to close the school May 7th and 8th.

Currently, the national government is not ready to declare exactly when the state of emergency is lifted, but we are going to update the future schedule on Thursday, May 7th. Please don’t miss the update on May 7th.

Thank you very much for your understanding.

Very respectfully,

Kyoko Takahashi

Principal, Mikuni Kindergarten

2020.04.14 TUE

The reschedule for the school opening ceremony and entrance ceremony

April 14th, 2020 

We hope this notice finds you all well.

Although we are still under the state of emergency by Kanagawa prefecture, we’d like to inform you the following reschedule for the school opening ceremony and entrance ceremony as of now.

If the state of emergency is lifted on Wed. May 6th

The opening ceremony for new middlers and seniors, Thursday, May 7th

The entrance ceremony for new freshman and some eligible participants,Friday, May 8th

If it’s not lifted, we are going to postpone them again.The detail will be informed on Thursday, April 30th.

Thank you for your understanding in advance.

Kyoko Takahashi

Principal, Mikuni Kindergarten

2020.04.09 THU

Requests during the school suspension

April 9th, 2020 

Thank you very much for your understanding about the school suspension regarding the new coronavirus. Originally today was the day for the entrance ceremony but we had to reschedule it to make our students and our employees stay safe. I hope you will understand our decision. 

We are going to completely close the school, which means nobody will be at school as follows.

Kyoko Takahashi

Principal, Mikuni Kindergarten

Tue. April 14th ~ Mon. 20th (days off) 


Mon. April 27 and Tue. 28th (home working)

  • We are planning to open the school during summer holidays in compensation of the current school suspension with the coronavirus.

  • Since teachers are eager to see students as soon as possible, we decided to distribute the movie recorded by teachers today which we were originally going to distribute on 13th. The next movie will be after April 14th.) Teachers have been working so hard to make the movies with greeting ritual, singing, physical exercise, hand play, reading stories and others.  Hope your children will enjoy them with family.

2020.04.08 WED

■ The latest school schedule after the state of emergency has been declared.

(as of April 8th)  

Our national government declared the state of emergency for Kanagawa prefecture yesterday. Therefore we are going to change our school schedule as follows. 

The school suspension will be extended until May 6th. The first day of school will be Thursday, May 7th. 

The entrance ceremony on April 9th will be postponed on some day after May 7th. The reschedule will be informed when it’s set. 

As you understand, the situation surrounding the new coronavirus is changing day by day. We may change our schedule again depending on the decision by the government. Please check emails from us for a certain and get the latest school schedule. 

We very much appreciate your understanding and support our school under this difficult situation. We hope the school and parents work together to get over this unprecedented incident. Please take great care of you and your family.

2020.04.06 MON

Mikuni Kindergarten’s latest measure for the COVID-19

(As of April 6th, 2020)  

We are very much appreciate your great support and understanding our school. We had been hoping we would resume the school on April 8th , however our local government have just advised us that we carefully consider the current situation surrounding the coronavirus and should postpone resuming schools. Therefor we decided to change our schedule as follows. 

1. School suspension period

Wed. April 8th – Fri. April 17th 

2. About the school starting ceremony (for new meddlers and seniors) 

We were going to have the school starting ceremony with new middle and senior students on April 8th , it’s canceled. The reschedule will be informed later. 

3. The Entrance Ceremony (Only for qualified students) 

We are going to carry out the entrance ceremony on April 9th as schedule and it will take just 30 minutes. 

However since we have been informed the Yokosuka Naval Base CO has announced that you should not leave the base unless the absolute essential matter. We’ve heard School can not be considered as the essential matter. Therefore please follow the base restriction and refrain from attending the ceremony. 

Thank you for your understanding. 

4. About Monday, April 20th or later……. 

Since the situation surrounding the coronavirus keeps changing, we also keep carefully considering the safety of our students very first. We are going to inform you when we change our schedule. Please make sure to check our mail for certain and don’t miss the latest school schedule. 

Thank you